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Primus Security Corp

Leading Provider In Specialized Integrated Security Services

Our blend of skilled professionals, advanced technologies, and commitment to excellence ensures effective, reliable, and tailored security solutions. 

Primus Security Corp​

Building Trust Through Security Excellence

Primus Security, Corp. Is a leading provider in specialized integrated security services, offering clients a combination of highly skilled security professionals, including security guard and concierge personnel, and sophisticated security technologies.

We provide effective, reliable, and experienced security and protective services and develop specialized training for our employees to match clients’ expectations and exceed quality standards in the security industry.

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Private Security

Pioneering Excellence in Integrated Security Solutions

Discover tailored security solutions designed for your peace of mind. Our services, from skilled professionals to cutting-edge technology, prioritize your safety and protection

Elevate Your Security

Why trust us?

Integrated Security Excellence

Primus Security, Corp. leads in integrated security services, blending skilled professionals and advanced technologies for comprehensive protection.

Skilled Personnel, Advanced Tech

Benefit from a team of highly trained security professionals and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring a dynamic and effective security approach.

Reliability and Experience

Count on Primus Security, Corp. for reliable and experienced security services, committed to exceeding industry standards and client expectations.

Client-Centric Solutions

Tailored to individual client needs, our client-centric approach includes specialized training for employees, ensuring a proactive response to security challenges.

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Elevating Security Services

Your Safety, Our Expertise

Discover tailored security solutions designed for your peace of mind. Our services, from skilled professionals to cutting-edge technology, prioritize your safety and protection.

Security Guards

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Commercial and Office Security

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Our Clients Say

Global Innovations Inc.

Primus Security, Corp. has consistently delivered exceptional security solutions for Global Innovations Inc. Their integrated approach and skilled professionals have played a vital role in safeguarding our facilities and assets.

Safe Haven Properties, LLC

We highly recommend Primus Security, Corp. for their reliable and proactive security services. Their team's expertise and use of advanced technologies have been instrumental in ensuring the safety of our properties.

TechGuard Solutions

TechGuard Solutions has been a satisfied client of Primus Security, Corp. Their commitment to excellence, experienced personnel, and tailored security strategies make them a preferred partner in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Elite Events Management.

Primus Security, Corp. has been an invaluable asset to our event security. Their attention to detail, well-trained staff, and ability to customize security plans based on the event's unique needs have consistently exceeded our expectations.